Which TV shows represent different university degrees?

We all make fun of each other's degrees, but have you ever compared them to TV shows

Gemma Powell
15th October 2020
TV and Netflix binging are popular pastimes for university students distracting them from their actual degrees. Here, we will be looking at which TV shows represent the different degrees that students should really be studying!

Politics – The Thick of It

Credit: BBC, Youtube

Cynical, loud and opinionated the average politics student is the epitome of Malcom Tucker. Able to squeeze nearly any idea into their essays and fabricate reasons to justify it, they are the kings and queens of spin. Some would say aggressive, I say fiery and passionate, politics students are under the constant pressure of comprehending this complex everchanging world.

Computer Science – IT Crowd

Credit: Channel 4, Youtube

A degree filled with socially awkward and sometimes lazy people. Although, like Roy and Moss, computer science students are always loveable and absolutely hilarious (if for the wrong reasons). A degree that can be summed up with “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

English Literature – Sherlock

Credit: IMDb, John Rogers - © 2010 Hartswood Films

The masters of deduction in their essays or perhaps just filled with needlessly complex writing, English Literature is a mysterious and sharp subject and for those of us outside the subject, a conversation with an English Lit student will leave you as baffled as John Watson.

Modern Languages – The Midnight Gospel

Credit: IMDb, Netflix

Surreal, unable to comprehend and filled full of surprises – The Midnight Gospel is the perfect show to represent Modern Languages. A forgotten show and a degree forgotten off lists, both require a certain level of multitasking. Although, they make you question your own eyes and ears at times, you somehow still enjoy them.

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