Who's got the X-mas factor?

Christmas is just around the corner and this week sees this years Christmas number one get announced. Rebecca Jackson runs through the candidates for this year’s chart topper

14th December 2015

If you haven’t already began to feel it in your fingers and toes, Christmas is definitely starting all around us. As with every year the bets are on for who’s going to take the prized Christmas Number 1, but who’s in the running?

As usual, X-Factor is still a strong contender for whichever finalist wins singing Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’, much to the dismay of Dylan fans across the country. Some say it’s a good choice to introduce the song and Bob Dylan to a younger generation, some say it’s a poor choice by Cowell to use on a show like the X-Factor. With the show’s lowest ratings in years and it’s ironically low entertainment factor this year, if X-Factor does manage to make it to number one, I think we can assume that Cowell’s iTunes account will have taken a beating. Of course there’s yet another anti X-Factor campaign, reportedly set up by the same guy who organised ‘Rage Against the Machine’, to get Star Wars: The Force Awakens to number 1 instead, in pure determination to keep X-Factor from winning. That’s the Christmas Spirit.

Other notable number 1 campaigns are to get Cilla Black to number one after her death earlier this year, and another to get Eagles of Death Metal’s ‘Save a Prayer’, (originally by Duran Duran), following the tragic Paris attacks in memory of all those lost. Facebook pages have been made to spread the support and both have a large following already even with weeks to go. With both being very strong and personal to many, and after the success of Christmas campaigns before, either may succeed in gaining the top spot this year.

With Adele’s comeback album after three years, ‘25’ just being released and ‘Hello’ being the fastest selling single in the last 18 years, there’s also a very good chance Adele may just unleash a surprise single and grab number one as fast as ‘Hello’ sold. With her popularity at the moment and simple likeability and homing vocals, Adele is a strong choice.

Finally although not specifically a contender in the running for Number 1, Bill Murray has released the trailer for his Sofia Coppola directed, a Very Murray Christmas with a large gathering of celebrity friends to boot. From Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Michael Cera and even George Clooney, Murray brings together the spirit for this Netflix special premiering on the 4th December. Alongside this merriment of celebrities and adding to the list, Miley Cyrus joins Murray for a couple of Christmas carols throughout the special. With Murrays and Mileys popularity and what looks like a traditional and delightful time for all, there is quite the chance some of these tunes, if released, may do very well in the Christmas charts.

Of course any of the old favourites may suddenly appear, from Slade and Wham!, to Sinatra and Crosby may revive their way to the top, and other current artists may come In with some surprises closer to the time. However with the chart changing from Sunday to Friday and the release of the X-Factors single falling after the chart the taking is wide open, and we may truly be hearing the Star Wars soundtrack as Christmas Number 1. May the festivities be with you.

Rebecca Jackson

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