Why Labour's climate apprenticeship schemes are a good idea

Emily Hawksley discusses Labour's new proposals aimed at establishing a greener economy.

Emily Hawksley
25th November 2019
Image: Wikimedia Commons
With the upcoming elections, the parties have all laid out their different policies, including the ways in which they would deal with the ever-growing climate crisis.

The Labour Party's idea is a climate apprenticeship programme to deliver 320 000 apprenticeships in England during its first term in government. While the Labour Party has many questionable policies, this one would help with the issues of climate change and the skills gap, making it a good idea.

The apprenticeships will upskill the UK workforce and help tackle climate change

The scheme would target jobs in engineering, amongst other sectors
Image: Geograph

Regarding the climate crisis, these apprenticeships would upskill the UK workforce so that British companies can compete and succeed in the global green economy, which is currently valued at $4 trillion, and is projected to grow to $9 trillion by 2030. Businesses will benefit from an average of 80 000 people per year being trained in sustainable jobs such as apprentice engineers and technicians in renewable energy and transport, and sustainable agriculture and forestry specialists. As the climate crisis continues, the UK must do its part in preventing climate change along with the rest of the world. These apprenticeships would help combat climate change on a more national scale.

Two-thirds of businesses worry they can't fill skilled posts; the programme will help close the skills gap

Additionally, Britain has a severe skills shortage, particularly in higher technical skills. Two-thirds of businesses already worry they won’t be able to fill skilled posts, and the skills gap will only grow due to automation. By 2030, the programme will have created 886 000 apprenticeships for people who are leaving school or looking to change their jobs mid-career, which will help close the now-disastrous skill gap.

The climate apprenticeship scheme is a good idea, one that's helpful for now and for the future.

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