Word of the Week: Philodox

Isabel Lamb reveals why you don't want to get stuck in conversation with a philodox

Isabel Lamb
16th December 2020
Credit: BP Craddock on Unsplash
If you're running late, don’t stop to question a philodox.

A lover of their own opinions even when such opinions are clearly rubbish, a person described as a philodox will go to great lengths to prove why they are right, and you are wrong.  

Although they may see themselves as wise, the humble philodox is not. Philosophers pursue wisdom, and in their ongoing pursuit of the truth they are open to query and critique. A philodox, however, is so sure their opinions are true that questioning them is next to impossible. And doing so will only leave you pulling out your hair in frustration.

So unless you have the patience of a saint and can stand being told that your opinion is that of a fool, simply because you dare to disagree with the philodox, then just leave them be. There are no benefits to arguing with a philodox, only exhaustion, boredom and a whole lot of dissatisfaction.

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