World Mental Health Day: music and mental health

The second in a series of music that matters - getting introspective with music for World Mental Health Day.

Harry Jones
23rd October 2021

Mental health: a term unnecessarily simple but impossibly complicated. A term that is subjective for everyone, shifting and slithering like the insidious snake. A term that makes people feel so trapped and silenced.

In this way, the 10th of October is a release in a sense, a day where the whole world unites against and to talk about this term, and explore our ways to treat it.

Music, an infinite expanse has acted as a companion to my manic episodes to depressive pits and lastly to cast away the panicked fits. It has acted as something I could escape to, simply by just placing on my headphones and pressing play.

Through this medium I discovered the song 'Green Man' by Type O Negative, a celebration of the passing of nature and the cycle that ensues. A poetic ode to the autumnal season. Whilst this may seem unrelated to mental health at all, for me it represented an incentive to escape from the taloned grasp of depression. A call to escape into the nature surrounding me, with camera in hand. To push myself from the lethargic bedside to finally provide myself what I needed the most. Care.

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