You season two preview: Joe is back.

Leanna Thomson talks about what's new with You

Leanna Thomson
1st December 2019
Credit: IMDb
The charming sociopath that we love to hate (or at times, hate to love) will be returning to our screens very shortly, and it’s looking like he’s going to be more brutal than ever.

Based on Caroline Kepnes’ best selling book of the same title, You proved to be an utterly bingeable sensation, becoming Netflix’s most watched show of the week when it was released on the platform. Season two will loosely follow the plot of Kepnes’ second book in the series, Hidden Bodies.

(Spoiler warning!) Last season left us gaping in horror as we watched Joe murder Beck, the very woman that he had been infatuated with for 10 whole episodes, just as we thought she was going to escape his obsessive clutches. This wasn’t exactly out of character, however, since he murdered her best friend and boyfriend for merely getting in the way of their relationship. What’s more, he managed to frame her therapist for his crimes, and got away with them unscathed. However, as the blurb of book two warns, “The problem with hidden bodies is that they don’t always stay that way”. It looks like Joe could be in trouble.

The new season will boast a new setting, with Joe moving to LA, perhaps to escape his dark past. But more importantly, it looks like another girl is going to walk straight into his seductive trap. Love Quinn is the new object of Joe’s affections, and obsession. How far will he go for Love? Will she end up like Beck, or has Joe changed?

Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House, will make her debut on the series as Love Quinn

Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley will return to grace our screens with his mesmerising portrayal of Joe, which is so convincing that it is terrifying. Victoria Pedretti, from The Haunting of Hill House, will make her debut on the series as Love, as well as Jenna Ortega, who will play Ellie. Ambyr Childers is back playing her role of Candace, Joe’s ex-girlfriend with whom things turned sour, and who isn’t as dead as he thought she was.

@younetflix has been seriously drip feeding us with some rousing stills from the new series, including Joe in his natural habitat, creeping behind an unassuming Love. In another, he appears to be holding hands and sharing an endearing gaze with Candace. WHAT is going on here?!
All will become clear when You season two premieres on Netflix on the 26 December.

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