Young, highly strung and more stylish than Mum

Meg Long talks celebrity kids as the latest fashion icons

9th November 2015

When did the ‘It’ girls and boys become younger than us? Photographed in this season’s must haves, it seems the offspring of the famous are becoming the fashion idols of our future despite their fame seemingly being fuelled by their parents’ stardom rather than their own talent in the fashion industry.

A year ago, only die hard Johnny Depp fans would know of his daughter Lily Rose Depp; the latest teen that we are obsessing over. Dress someone with famous connections in designer clothes and it seems we all fall at their feet. Lily Rose Depp has 988k Instagram followers; a ludicrous amount if you consider her acting career currently consists of one film, ‘Tusk,’ in which her official role was “Girl Clerk 2.” However, Chanel provided the platform for her modelling debut - quite a big break for a 16 year old girl to get. What credentials does she have for her newly found influence on the fashion world? In my opinion, it’s difficult to think of any. With no previous experience in the industry, we can only assume her fraternising with those in high fashion circles is elicited by her father’s high profile.

Style queen North West, one of the more recent of the Kardashian spawn, sat front row at various fashion weeks before she could even walk. She makes the paparazzi snapped fashion pages as much as her mother, Kim Kardashian, so is there any shame in taking fashion tips from a toddler? When they wear custom made Alexander Wang, probably not.

Romeo Beckham landed the lead role in last year’s Burberry Christmas ad, putting him in competition with his forever stylish little sister, Harper, who has even been spotted next to Anna Wintour at a New York fashion week show. Their older brother, Brooklyn, is also making waves in the fashion world, gracing the covers of magazine giants such as Teen Vogue. Teenage girls everywhere swooned when he wore black skinny jeans and a white T beside Chloe Moretz last year whilst they were rumoured to be dating- because there just aren’t enough semi-fashionable teenage boys to Instagram stalk and hashtag about on Tumblr.

The thing all these child fashionistas have in common is that whilst we crave their clothes and see them as fashion gurus, most of the time they aren’t the ones actually making the decisions about what they wear. They are being spoon fed fashion behind the scenes and sent what to wear, and because their parents are celeb royalty, we’re expected to look up to them as fashion icons. This is fuelled further by our obsession with social media, which makes stumbling upon an unseen photo of a celeb mini-me so enticing.

‘‘It is because their parents are celeb royalty, we’re expected to look up to them as fashion icons.’

Then there are celeb stars who seem to have no clue about fashion, (basically referring to Jayden Smith here.) One quick google and you can scroll through galleries of his so called ‘style,’ which consists of ill-fitting clothes in odd layering combinations. At least the Beckham kids are getting fashion right.

Are these individuals the future of the fashion? Probably, yes. It’s easy to criticise their access to coveted clothes, and suggest that their right to tickets to the best events is granted due to their parents celebrity, but ultimately are these kids the only ‘celebrities’ who seem to be fashion famous without any fame credentials?

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