You’ve got a trend in me: Embroidered denim

Molly Macnamara does denim, hunting out the high street’s hottest pieces right now

6th March 2017

Denim is a staple piece in anyone’s wardrobe; super easy to wear, comfy and simply the most versatile piece of clothing you could ask for. However, incoming trends are set to change the face of the classic skinny blue jean. Bloggers and celebs alike are bored of the chilled plain-Jane aesthetic conveyed by these straight up and down lengths of denim. A new age has now been entered, gone are the days where simply altering the style and colour of the jeans is enough to satisfy the trend chasers owning the pages of fashion magazines. You can now switch up the once boring visage with a jazzy new twist and, best of all, its a trend that wont break the bank! You can actually have a go at customising your old garms, making you the very proud owner of a one-of-a-kind creation. Adorning your jeans in pretty embroidered designs seems to be the way forward; there’s so many ways you can approach this delicate new trend.

The trend was born in 2016 when designers such as Holly Fulton and Gucci dressed their models in head to toe denim with quirky yet intricate bursts of coloured threads. As ever the high street designers caught on quick and embroidered denim is now a common occurrence on the rails of your favourite stores. Currently Topshop is your best bet for embroidered jeans, they’ve created a huge range of Jeans, from pretty flowery patterns to a pair of striking black mom jeans embellished with a tiger. There are other ways to spice up your denim outfit, maybe throw on a crisp shirt with your blue jeans. The contrast between the smart and simple jean can be enhanced by subtle bursts of embroidered flowers causing the shirt to have a pretty edge. If you’re not into elegant flowers adorning your clothes then embroidered patches are a funky alternative, simply iron on the patch and you’ve created an edgy alternative to the embroidered denim trend.

“You can actually have a go at customising your old garms, making you the very proud owner of a one-of-a-kind creation”

If you’re not satisfied by any of the high street designs available, then why not create your own! Pinterest will become your new best friend, it gives you a world of inspiring designs that you can give ago at home. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge of using a sewing machine, ASOS and Ebay have a great selection of affordable iron-on patches. Pimping up your denim is the perfect procrastination for looming deadlines and will ensure that you stay bang on trend!

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