Poembox: a celtic elegy

Written by Arts, Poetry


Oh hear me,

Forest God, wild-man.

Hear my plea to you,

Hear it in the leaves of your once verdant home-

Now brown with decay.


Hear me,

Oh Majestic stag,

Protector of the wild-spaces,

Struggle to hear my voice amongst the din of your dying kin,

Slaughtered by those who once revered you.


Hear me,

Oh Great Green One,

Bringer of life,

Let my voice pierce your slumber,

As chainsaws pierce your tranquil home .


Hear me,

Oh Forgotten God,

Voiceless deity,

Let me hear your pleas,

Let me help you.


Though I fear you have fallen silent for good.

Last modified: 20th October 2019

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