Gig Theatre is the Latest Trend to Sweep the Theatrical Nation

Written by Arts

Recently a new trend has been developing among the theatre circles and it is a great and exciting trend that simply makes life better.

Gig theatre is the greatest theatrical discovery of the twenty-first century in my humble opinion and deserves a special place in every theatre lover’s heart. As such, I can easily say it has managed to make me fall in love with it while also making me fall in love with theatre as a whole all over again. The concept of gig theatre altogether is a play whose storyline is enhanced by incorporating live music into it.

It combines two amazing types of art and creates something unique for different types of audiences to enjoy.

It adds something extraordinary to the whole concept of theatre, it throws in a certain beat to it and makes it not only engaging but also ‘catchy’. For the past couple of years it has been gaining a lot of popularity, making instruments an essential part of the stage setup.

And thinking about it, what could possibly be better than theatre and music working together to tell a story, creating a completely new exciting type of art, making the audience a part of it and taking us on a journey of a lifetime.

Last modified: 22nd October 2017

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