5 Creepy Places (NOT) to Visit

Lenka Minarovicova bravely exposes the areas where you just might want to pass up visiting this spooky season!

Lenka Minarovicova
26th October 2020
People have always been fascinated by anything spooky, as we can see in the ever-growing horror industry. Especially during the Halloween time, people tend to read ghostly stories, watch scary movies or go to haunted houses. However, there are some really mysterious places we maybe shouldn’t visit despite the temptation…
1/ The Round Schoolhouse, Japan

The schoolhouse of an unusual shape was built in 1906 in Hokkaido. After 30 years of serving as a primary school, in the 1970’s it was abandoned for unknown reasons with all the furniture left behind. Even the surrounding woods have a reputation of high paranormal activity and negative energy. Moreover, there are cars of people who wandered off for an adventure and never came back.

2/ The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Mexico, for some a top vacation destination, for others a country with a rather strange hidden gem - an island with hanging dolls. The legend says that one day the caretaker of the island, don Julian, found a drowned girl. A couple of days later he spotted a doll in the water, most likely the little girl’s toy. He hung it on a tree to show respect. Soon he started collecting more and more dolls to please the girl’s spirit. The dolls have been reported to move their heads and open their eyes. After 50 years, Julian was found dead in the same spot as the girl.

3/ Montpelier Hill, Ireland

A place not even professional paranormal investigators want to return to. Originally an ancient cairn, whose stones were used to build a lodge, which became to be known as the Hellfire Club in the 18th century. The members of were infamous for devil worship and satanic rituals, such as black masses, orgies or even animal or human sacrifices. The place is also said to have been visited by a stranger who joined the members in a game of poker and later disappeared in a burst of flames.

The Hellfire Club lodge
4/ Tribec Mountains, Slovakia

Seemingly ordinary mountains in little-known Slovakia offer exceptionally beautiful views and castles as well as spine-chilling stories. Other than lost people that have never been found (especially during the wintertime), there have been cases of people going insane after a few days of straying into the woods and other inexplicable occurrences, for instance mysterious voices, compass changing directions, reappearing people or space-time confusion. Some of the examples have been confirmed by credible sources.

5/ Chaonei No.81, China

Also known as Chaonei church, the baroque-style building in central Beijing is claimed to be the reason behind the feeling of unease of everyone passing by. According to a legend, it was originally built as a church by a British priest who went missing before the construction was finished. Moreover, some workers broke into the house and never returned. Later a wife or a mistress of the house owner who fled the country during the war hung herself in despair. Her spirit reportedly still haunts the house.


Feature Image credit: Pixabay.com

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