A Day in the Life of a Formula 3 Driver: Oliver Rasmussen

In this series, Lucy Rimmer interviews a number of rising stars in F3

Lucy Rimmer
4th May 2021
Twitter @PREMA_Team
My name is Oliver Rasmussen, I’m 20 years old, I’m Danish but I was born in France. I’m competing in the FIA Formula 3 Championship in 2021. As a driver, this is my average day…

I usually wake up between 8-9am, I like to get some proper sleep but sleeping in past 9 always makes me more lazy.

The first thing I do in the morning is get breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. I typically like to have eggs and bacon. I also sometimes like to have salmon and protein pancakes too.

A normal day at a Racing track starts around 7am. From 7 to 7.45am, I get ready and have breakfast at the hotel I'm staying at. The practice sessions usually starts at 9, so before then we have meetings and warm-ups to get ready to drive at 9 sharp. They usually end around 12 and start again at 2pm and end at 5 or 6pm depending on the sun. In the hour that follows the end of the practice sessions, we finish off with another meeting followed by debriefs with our engineers and mechanics if changes for us needs to be made. To finish off the day, a good diner on track or at the hotel and a good night sleep to do all the same the next day.

My only hobby which is not related to motorsport is video games. I don’t really have anything else where motorsport isn’t related to.

Dinner is often more a more pleasurable meal to be able to get back all the energy spent during the day, so a proper meal either with meat, fish, pasta or something else as hearty fits the best.

At the end of the day, I like to relax in bed watching a few series or a good movie but also having my girlfriend on FaceTime.

My favourite part of the day is obviously the driving time I get during the day.

My bedtime differs depending on when we finish working at night. My sleep is the best if I manage to go to sleep between 10.30 and 11pm but sometimes going to sleep at 1am happens.

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