Antonio Banderas joins Tom Holland in Uncharted movie

Despite concerns over the Uncharted film's development hell, a new cast member has joined the fold

Jack Wallace-Hunter
10th March 2020
Antonio Banderas is set to join Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in Sony's screen adaptation of the much-loved franchise surrounding the adventures of Nathan Drake, Uncharted.

With the addition of Venom director Ruben Fleisher, Grey’s Anatomy's Sophia Ali and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Tati Gabrielle, it seems that Sony Pictures is finally pushing ahead with the project, despite many people's doubts. However, it is still unknown who Banderas, Ali, and Gabrielle will be playing in the film.

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With the recent success of video-game adaptations onto the big screen, such as Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, it seems that all parties are eager to get the ball moving. However, in a recent interview with IGN, Tom Holland revealed that this film will be different from other video-game adaptations.

It’s an origin story to the game, so if you’ve played the games you haven’t seen what’s going to happen in the film.

Tom Holland

Although the original release date was pushed back from December 18, 2020, to March 5, 2021, the prequel is set to start filming soon.

With the screenplay written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the writers behind 2008’s Iron Man, audiences will follow a young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) alongside his mentor Scully (Mark Wahlberg) in an adventure that is set to travel the world in order to uncover the forgotten truth’s behind Drake’s ancestor, Sir Francis Drake.

Although there is no information on how Banderas, Ali, and Gabrielle will fit into this origin story, fans can take comfort from Tom Holland who said, "it’s one of the best scripts I've ever read… it really, really jumps off the page."

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With a promising cast, director and script, let’s hope fans will not be let down by a much-anticipated screen adaption.

Featured image credit: IGDB & IMDb

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