Are Real Madrid going off the rails?

Los Blancos seem to be blanking this season, but is it all doom and gloom?

Vitor Varoni
23rd December 2020
After struggling until their last match, Real Madrid qualifies in first place of the group stage. The solid win over Borussia Monchengladbach and the win on the Madrid derby, against Atletico Madrid, put Zidane and Los Blancos back on track. But it is that enough to believe they will have a good rest of the season?

Once again, Real Madrid did not have an impact signing during the summer transfer window and they've clearly felt the lack of good performances from Eden Hazard. Karim Benzema keeps being the heart and soul of the Madrid team. Their other key player, Sergio Ramos, has been involved in rumours to leave the Spanish capital at the end of his contract in 2021, which leaves Real with a necessity of bigger signings.

The reigning champions of La Liga may not show as poor football as their main rivals, Barcelona FC, and compared to Atleti, Real Madrid’s finances are in a more positive situation, but spending money on players might be a big issue, since the team is investing £500M on their stadium.

Still, the name of world cup winner, Kylian Mbappe, continuous to be linked with Real Madrid by the press, but whether Mbappe is joining Los Blancos next season or not, it has to be paid attention to what they have available at the moment.

The continuous criticism on its younger stars, Vinicius Jr (20). and Rodrygo (19), shows that Real Madrid has underperforming stars, that should put their face in front of youngster and take responsibility.

The Brazilian duo have been showing potential since signing Los Blancos, but their irregularity upsets the supporters and it is intensified by the Spanish Press. On the other hand, the Uruguayan centre midfield, Frederico Valverde, has shown to be vital to Real Madrid’s composition, urging to be one of the most prominent midfielders of the future.

Real Madrid is, in fact, an ageing team, where most of player in the first team are close to the end of careers. Marcelo, Modric, Ramos, which once were key players to the team’s structure, are now lacking of presence, that without saying they still could not find a player to assume Cristiano Ronaldo’s responsibility towards threatening their opponents defence.

Real Madrid are far from having a weak squad, they are proving themselves each week, even if they go through rough matches and have unexpected losses, they are second on La Liga and are waiting for the draw of the round of 16 knockout stages on the UCL. We can never doubt of the biggest team in the world and the potential of its players and their champion coach, but a change of character during matches it is what fans have been complaining about.

Featured Image: Twitter @realmadrid
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