Are soulmates purely just romantic?

Love comes in all forms, so why just focus on the romantic? Sometimes, you may just find your soulmate in your best friend.

Neve Watson
30th October 2021
Image: Girls Lying Classic car by @Free-Photos on Pixabay
Soulmate: A person who shares a deep understanding or bond with another; esp. one ideally suited to another as a lover or spouse.

I wouldn’t argue that I’m a big romantic at the best of times, and I think a lot of the people who know me would agree. I’d like to think that I think with my head over my heart. At the same time… I’m a sucker for a soulmate story, as I’m sure many are. The idea that there is someone out there that perfectly matches and complements you sounds like bliss, I can’t lie. Of course: everyone wants to love and be loved in return.

Whilst I do love this notion, I’m not convinced soulmates are purely just romantic. I am a firm believer in platonic soulmates, and I think we should place more emphasis on them. I don’t think that the sole purpose of life should be to obsess over and wait for love, and risk jeopardising other great things along the way. Of course, not everybody is lucky in love, but I do think that everyone is deserving of it.

I think that you can have more than one soulmate, for different purposes. As in, someone could have a romantic and a platonic soulmate. Two people can be so suited to each other, in things they have in common and ways that they complement each other, but may have no romantic attraction, and of course, that’s okay.

These are people that argue, love, go through highs and lows together, and every experience only draws them closer.

Leading on nicely to best friends then, and platonic soulmates. Best friends must be soulmates, and I’ll hear no argument. These are people that argue, love, go through highs and lows together, and every experience only draws them closer. I have two at home: we’ve been friends since Year Seven and I’m certain that we will be friends well into our middle-aged and elderly years, keeping each other updated on every milestone that we pass. A prime example of how you can be so well suited to each other minus the romantic attraction.

Coming to Newcastle, I was excited to make friends but didn’t think that I’d bond with someone as easily as I did with Annabel. She’d messaged me prior to the start of the academic year, saying that we shared similar interests, and would I like to meet up when we’d both moved in. I said yes, and after our first meet-up, we instantly clicked. Now, a year later, after many nights of Bake Off, Strictly, tears, and many, many wine nights, I would say with confidence that I would consider her one of my soulmates.

This article isn’t written to denounce romantic relationships and soulmates, but to place emphasis on platonic ones. We all want to love, but so often forget that it doesn’t just come in the romantic form, as there are so many kinds: and you should be free to explore them. We all have soulmates out there, I’m sure of it, and maybe you’ve already found yours, just not in the way you thought you would.

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