Badminton girls maintain 100% record

Newcastle Badminton Ladies continued to smash the season with a 7-1 win against Sheffield, remaining unbeaten.

16th November 2015

Newcastle Badminton Ladies continued to smash the season with a 7-1 win against Sheffield, to remain unbeaten. Sheffield arrived with only 5 players giving Newcastle a safe two-point lead before the games even commenced. Starting the warm up there were some technical ‘sticky grip’ issues with Beth Vickerman. The sweetie gobbler had clearly been eating too many treats for game energy, leaving her racquet super tacky. After a wipe down she was ready to rumble.

As play began Vickerman and Cara Vincenti had a flying start against Sheffield’s second doubles pair and comfortably won 21-5. Despite her sticky issues, Vickerman remained strong and after the first game the consistency queens cleared out their opponents 21-0 to secure the first win for the team.

Next, Anna Bradshaw took on Sheffield’s first singles player. The vast gathering of spectators was awed as they watched her jump up into the air and floor her famous smashes with breath-taking effect. After freshly waxing her legs that morning she was the most aerodynamic player of the day and along with some good rallies and her solid ability to play a finisher she won 21-16 and 21-13. Bradshaw’s bank balance was happier she didn’t mash her racquet up against her leg and break the frame this week as she channelled her anger into her kills instead.

Playing third was our pair Dawn Ho and Katie Allen. Winning the first set 21-13 they knew it was a tough game but they were on form and more consistent than usual and ready to smash out the next set. Unfortunately, their wibbly wobbly ankles kicked in and they started the game 11-0 down. Despite managing to get their legs in order the points difference was just too much and they were forced into a third set, in which they fought hard and marginally lost 23-25.

“The vast gathering of spectators was awed as they watched her (Anna Bradshaw) jump into the air and floor her smashes with breath-taking effect”

Anuhbi Khandelwal, the team’s most casual player, rocked up in jeans an hour and ten minutes late. Vickerman, the captain, should be applauded for her excellent stalling skills as they tried to cover for the delay in play. Khandelwal, who began a snail was thankfully more of a cheetah on court and walked all over Sheffield’s singles player winning 21-6 and 21-4.

Allen and Ho, despite their injuries, went on to secure a 21-10, 21-16 win. Allen’s sharp skills at the net and Ho’s newly found “super smash” aided the win.

Finally, Vickerman and Vincenti continued their winning streak against the first doubles pair. Their opponents held a strong game with long rallies but the VV team never failed to finish the rally and won their games 21-6 and 21-7.

Never being complacent and giving 100% for every game, the girls still stand top of the league with five wins out of five. They hope to continue their winning run against Leeds next week. Congratulations girls! Keep up the good work.

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