Blind Date: Sophie and Emil

Third Year Computer Science student, Emil Delvaux, meets Second Year Languages student, Sophie Harrison, for a blind date at The Tyne Bar.

Holly Mawdsley
9th March 2020
Third Year Computer Science Student, Emil Delvaux, meets Second Year Languages student, Sophie Harrison, for the Courier blind date at Tyneside Bar Café.

Emil on Sophie

Tell us about yourself.
I make a joke out of everything, I’m easy-going, I have an optimistic view of life and I enjoy going to the gym.

What’s your ideal type?
Physically, I like someone on the shorter side, but personality wise, someone who can match my humour and someone who doesn’t take things too seriously.

What were your first impressions of Sophie?
I thought she was very well-dressed. I didn’t know how seriously to take it, but she put a lot of effort in and looked nice.

Was Sophie your usual type?
Not really, there wasn’t a physical attraction there and we didn’t have that much to talk about, we had different taste in music and live different lives really.

Did you have anything in common?
I’m from France and she is studying French and has worked there, so there was that and we both play video games.

Did you speak French on your date?
No, I didn’t want to put her on the spot, and I also didn’t want her French to be better than mine, haha.

There was awkward silences, but we spoke about how that was normal

Did anything go badly on your date?
There was awkward silences, but we spoke about how that was normal.

Did you speak about anything interesting?
We spoke about social norms and how guys feel the pressure to drink beer, when I personally think beer tastes like piss, and she agreed which was cool.

If Sophie was a drink, what drink would she be?
Gin and tonic, because she was classy but not in a posh or arrogant way.

Have you spoken since?
Not going to lie, I tried to find her on Facebook but I couldn’t because she has a generic name.

Will you see each other again?
Probably not, there was just no spark.

Sophie on Emil

How long have you been single and why do you think you are single?
My last relationship ended in summer and I have been single since then. At the moment I’m enjoying spending time investing in myself, my studies and my hobbies but I would like to be in a relationship again sometime in the future.

Describe yourself in three words.
This probably sounds like a personal statement but I would say that I’m a hardworking, determined and understanding person.

We were waiting in different parts of the bar for 20 minutes

Were you nervous for the date?
I was nervous at first because we were waiting in different parts of the bar and didn’t find each other for 20 minutes. The idea of having my time wasted and money needless spent on a Metro ticket wasn’t a fun one.

What were your first impressions of Emil?
My first impression of Emil was good though it was slightly awkward at the beginning of the date. He was tall and quite muscular which is always a plus.

What did you talk about?
We spoke about our degrees, our families and our hobbies. He’s half French and I’m studying French so we had some common ground to draw on.

What went well and what went badly?
I wouldn’t say that we clicked right away or anything cheesy like that but I had a really nice evening chatting to someone I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

What are your opinions on Emil?
Emil was very easy to get along with and kind. I admire his dedication to his fitness regime and personality wise he was very considerate. I felt really comfortable spending my evening with him.

How long did you spend together?
We spent about three hours together but it honestly didn’t feel that long.

Will you see each other again?
I don’t think I’ll meet him again for a second date because he’s busy with final year stuff and I’m busy preparing for my year abroad. The timing doesn’t really feel right.

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