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Leo David Prajogo
30th May 2022
Image: Wikimedia

Cheese and chocolate

The salty, slight chewiness of cheese with sweet chocolate melting in your mouth.

Emmental and Dairy Milk. Mozzarella and Nutella. Cheddar and chocolate sprinkles. Delicious alone, they are unstoppable together.

This may be a controversial food opinion in many parts of the world, but in my home country of Indonesia, cheese and chocolate is (rightfully) one of the most popular food pairings in the country. Cheese and chocolate on crepes. Cheese and chocolate on fried plantain. Cheese and chocolate on toast. Melted to form a creamy gooey delicacy, or cold for that little bit of crunch.

Cheese and chocolate.

Trust me, it’s delicious.

Leo David Prajogo

Taco Belter

Coming to Newcastle has presented me with many opportunities, the best of which being the chance to affirm the following: Taco Bell’s fries are better than McDonald’s fries.

How so? Well, Taco Bell serve up their fries seasoned. This orange dusting, which I think should be standard, are a treasured junk food experience. This is simply where the flavour lies, it can’t really be done away with. McDonald’s fall short here, there fries are plainly decorated, unabashedly naked, if anything.

These fries actually come with a dip but I’m disregarding the dip because these fries are so good the dip can do one.

I hate to make this claim after only having visited once, but they were just that good. I am finishing this article in tears at the sad fact that I don’t live near a Taco Bell at home. Newcastle, thank you for affording me this privilege.

Mary Chude

Jam and Chocolate Pasta

I would love to say that I discovered this combination in my dream while sleeping or by accident when my pasta fell into a randomly open pot of jam, but the truth is that I was quite surprised that this is a controversial thing in the UK. In Slovakia, we often eat sweet main dishes and pasta with a sweet toping (such as poppy seeds, grated nuts or cream cheese with sugar) is one of them. And everyone’s favourite dish in the school canteen is jam and chocolate pasta, since you can’t really mess it up. Just boil some pasta as usual, mix cocoa powder with sugar and mix it all together with jam. I dare you to try it out and you can thank me later.

Lenka Minarovicova

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