Places to take your parents when they visit Newcastle...

Sick and tired of the Quayside walk?

Alex Walker
30th May 2022
Image: @danielloftus Unsplash

You know, its really great when your parents come up to visit. It’s amazing to share the city you live in with the people who helped you get here. But it is frustrating when they come up, and you take a walk along the quayside before getting a drink in town for the sixth time in three years.

If you want to shake them out of this rut, here are a few places you might want to take them to if you want to shake it up.

Jesmond Dene

The Dene is an amazing park, full of things to do. If you head up from town towards South Jesmond and onto Armstrong Bridge, you’ll catch great views of the Dene and the city. From there, you can head up the Red Walk, and turn left, to show them St Mary’s Chapel (a medieval pilgrimage site on the edge of West Jesmond). From there, its only a short walk to Osborne Road for a well-deserved pint, or West Jesmond Metro Station, to get you back into town.


Okay. You’ve accepted that you’ll never drag them away from the Quayside, but at least you can make it more interesting. Walk east along the river away from town until you reach Ouseburn, and then explore this cool corner of Newcastle with them. The old industrial buildings are filled with independent businesses and organisations, there is even a city farm, and the Cluny is the best venue for live music in Newcastle. From there, it's an easy walk along Stepney Bank into town.

Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay

It’s so easy to get out to the coast in Newcastle thanks to the Metro, and once you’re there, it’s a great walk along the coast. If you’ve got the legs for it, head out to Tynemouth Metro Station, and just head up the coast. Even if its too cold for swimming in the North Sea (which it always is), there are loads of places to stop for coffee and ice-cream, and the views are unbelievable. For most of the year, I forget how close we are to the sea here, and it’s really nice to remember sometimes.

The Bridge Hotel

This is one for your dad. The Bridge Hotel is tied with The Carriage and the Crown Posada for the title of best pub in Newcastle, and your old man would enjoy all three, but the Bridge has a special something. It has a wood-panelled interior, leather sofas and a great vibe. Across the road however, there is a pile of stones in front of the Castle. If your dad is anything like mine, he’ll love it when you tell him that the stones mark the border of the Roman Empire, that once stretched from modern Newcastle to Sudan. That little bit of history will definitely butter him up for whatever you need.

There you go then, four whole things for you to show your parents, and four new things for them to reject, because they'll probably just want a little walk along the Quayside. Oh well. At least they visit.

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