Cowboy Crocs: Yay or nay?

We’ve seen platform Crocs, Lightning McQueen Crocs, heeled Crocs, even Shrek Crocs. The latest in the line of questionable adaptations are the ‘Cowboy boot Crocs’.

Zahra Hanif
10th November 2023
Image Credit: Instagram @_alexkessler

Crocs: the surprisingly controversial piece of footwear. Crocs have been on our feet for years, but much more recently, their popularity has skyrocketed as they’ve managed to cement their place as a fashion statement, rather than just being a practical piece you’d wear to take the bins out. Now, you’ll see them being rocked in public: funky colours, charms and all. In turn, to match the increase in demand, Crocs have released several variants of the once-simplistic clogs. We’ve seen platform Crocs, Lightning McQueen Crocs, heeled Crocs, even Shrek Crocs. The latest in the line of questionable adaptations are the ‘Cowboy boot Crocs’. 

These are set to be released on the 23rd October, with “crocskin” texture, metallic embroidery, a removable spur, and of course, the classic Croc vent holes to allow both for breathability and space for your Jibbitz (Croc charms, for those not familiar with the croc-lore/ croc-lingo). Coming in at £98, they’re not a light investment. So are they worth it?

Before I delve into my critique, let me put it out there that I absolutely adore my Crocs. I’ve essentially worn them straight for this past year, due to medical reasons, through all seasons and climates - from torrential rain to slippery ice. And they’ve served me well through all of this (though I wouldn’t recommend wearing them in near-flood weather, unless you absolutely have to). They are the comfiest shoes I own, and despite not *needing* to wear them anymore, I still reach for them for lectures from time to time. But I just don’t think the Cowboy boot Crocs are worth it. 

More than anything, they seem like a novelty item. Less so than the Lightning McQueen and Shrek Crocs, but they still feel unlikely to stand the test of time or maturity. Crocs rose to fame for their practicality above all else, and this is what continues to secure their success in a world caught up in microtrends - but with these new variants, it seems that Crocs are hopping on the microtrends themselves. Microtrends are a massive contributor to ‘fast fashion’, which has a massively detrimental impact on the environment. This is because fast fashion ultimately causes overconsumption as customers are urged to keep up with trend cycles by buying mass produced, low quality goods, which will end up going to waste after a few seasons.

So when thinking about conscious consumption and sustainability, these don’t seem like a sound choice. They’re a cute concept, but before you put your card down, you need to decide if you’ll realistically reach for them more than twice a year. Maybe opt for the regular crocs instead - you can rotate your Jibbitz (you know that one from earlier) and it’ll feel like you have a brand new pair each time you wear, without splurging on a novelty creation that’ll end up buried in the back of your wardrobe after a couple wears and a couple laughs.

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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