EVE Online still being hit by DDOS attack

EVE Online's DDOS attack that began at the end of January is still ongoing

Carl Smith Valdez
22nd February 2020
The DDOS attack on EVE Online that began on January 31 shows no sign of stopping as players continue to be affected. The US is being impacted most, but forums from Africa and Australia have also reported broken servers.

For players able to log in, the servers for the popular MMO have their chat services disabled to ease the issues. However, many players continue to receive an “unable to log in” screen despite multiple attempts to sign in. Gamers have reported the disconnects and lag errors with no timeframe of when it will be resolved.

[Unaffected] players are able to use the attack to claim more territory.

The attack has prevented gamers from playing the game, which includes completing ‘space jobs’ and keeping control of their grounds throughout the EVE universe. Its effects on player progress become difficult to reverse in a virtual game. While many are stuck at logging on, players in unaffected areas of the world are able to use the attack as an opportunity to claim more territory.

DDOS attacks raise concerns about the gaming industry, particularly with games-as-a-service experiences like EVE Online which are driven by players. Users on Reddit have demanded compensation and threatened to terminate their accounts after being unable to log in for days.

Lord’s Servant, the co-leader of the Forsaken Empire, expressed on a Reddit thread the impact of the attack on small alliances within the game. He stated, “The hostiles have been able to establish themselves in a week in our region because we’ve been mostly unable to login and contest things like we normally would.”

This is an issue that we have no control over, and no amount of ISK (in-game skill) or mechanics will allow us to do anything if we cannot log in or play the game in a reasonable state. We’ve tried everything we can in-game.

Lord's Servant

Regarding the attack, EVE Status advised players to contact their support inbox if they have lost any property during the downtime.

As of 17 February, EVE’s support tweeted, “Our Daily Downtime is taking a little longer than usual. We expect TQ to be up and accepting connections in the next couple of minutes. Thank you for your patience.”

Featured image credit: @EveOnline (Twitter)

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  1. ISK means InterStellar Kredits which is currency in game. May be some research before writing whole article?

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