Grayson Perry becomes the nation's art teacher

Ruby Story Dartford tells us all about Grayson Perry's new Channel 4 show, Grayson's Art Club, which strives to encourage Brits to get creative during quarantine.

Ruby Story Dartford
12th May 2020
If looking to get creative this lockdown, then look no further as Grayson Perry has kickstarted Channel 4 Art Club to help Brit’s ‘battle the boredom’ of self isolation.

The six part series, which has a new theme each week, has been created to encourage the British public to create their own art with the help of various workshops. The contemporary artist and writer is keen to get viewers to release their artistic side during all this spare time, with a wide range of various projects to keep us entertained. Special guests such as Antony Gormley, Vic Reeves and Tacita Dean are invited via video call – of course, to encourage viewers to get creative during quarantine.

The second episode sees painter and Sculptor Maggi Hambling and Harry Hill unleash their animalistic creations with Perry

The series was first televised at the end of April with the theme ‘Portrait’ in which artist Chantal Joffe, recognised for her large-scale figurative paintings, and well-known comedian Joe Lycett attempt to give their best shot at portraiture. The second episode, which follows an animal theme, sees the likes of British painter and sculptor Maggi Hambling alongside Harry Hill unleash their animalistic creations with Perry. The series is sure to involve the public, with the final episode unraveling the work of viewers created over the lockdown period alongside the work of the special guests which will create an exhibition on ‘Britain’s mood and creativeness in isolation’.

There have been several other attempts to encourage Brits to show their artistic side during this crisis

Yet, is isn’t just Perry who is eager to get the UK creative during the pandemic. There have been several other attempts to encourage Brits to show their artistic side during this crisis, an example being #isolationartschol, an Instagram account formed by Keith Tyson back in March in order to put ‘together creatives and those who want to learn’. Other artists keen to get bring out the public’s creativity include photographer David Bailey who gave a painting demonstration in his garden. Furthermore, Quentin Blake attracted more than 100,000 viewers through drawing on a park bench.

However, it isn’t just the adults getting creative, with Perry keen for children to be involved in the artistic action in which he signed up to help design the ‘ultimate artists’ activity pack’. This downloadable pack aimed at the younger generation can be accessed online to keep children entertained during the lockdown.

If searching to go that little bit further than drawing rainbows for your front windows this lockdown, be sure to tune in to Grayson’s Art Club on Monday nights.

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AUTHOR: Ruby Story Dartford
Journalist Student studying at Newcastle University.

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