How Millwall responded to fan's booing at players taking a knee in support of BLM

Millwall fans who booed players taking a knee were met with a mixed response from the media, with governing bodies issuing a comparably small fine

Tom Moorcroft
22nd December 2020
With COVID regulations changing and different regions emerging from lockdown with fresh tier restrictions, Millwall fans were very pleased to hear that they would be allowed to return to their beloved Millwall Holdings PLC, or ‘The Den’.

As 2,000 fans poured into the stadium, and the referee was about to begin the match, Millwall and Derby County players decided to take a knee: a new sign of support for the BLM campaign which has been commonplace before football games since May.

However, the public were outraged to discover that, upon seeing their players take a knee, fans began to boo their club. 

It wasn’t long before Twitter got a hold of the story, with a number of major sports people commenting on the shocking scene.

The Millwall Supporters Club were quick to respond to the story, suggesting that the action wasn’t motivated by racism, but the culprits should’ve been more considerate considering the reasonings behind the taking of the knee. The full statement can be read here.

However, in much more positive news, Millwall players decided to adopt the ‘Kick It Out’ logo in place of their normal badge in their recent match against QPR, and held a banner with the QPR players stating: “United For Change”. This was met, unlike the previous fixture's response, with applause from the crowd.

Featured Image: Twitter @guardian_sport
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AUTHOR: Tom Moorcroft
Head of Sport for The Courier. Current 3rd year English Literature and History student. Love writing about sports/music, playing the guitar and Everton FC!

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