How to deal with negative body image

Here are some top tips for your positive body image journey...

Nadia Gustab
7th November 2023
image credit: pixabay @99mimimi
Have you ever looked in the mirror and your outfit doesn’t seem to look the way you imagined it in your head? Suddenly you feel bloated, deflated and you've found two new spots on your face. You pull out your phone and see the most perfect people on the planet, and you want to crawl back into your bed and not leave the house. Here's how to deal with that feeling.
1. Show yourself love

As hard as it might be, practicing self-love daily is truly one of the most prominent methods when dealing with negative body image. Challenge negative thoughts about yourself by writing down a list of things you love about your body. Practice mindfulness through positive affirmations and doing the things you love and focusing on how your body helps you achieve it! Take some time away from social media and, instead, use the time for self-care, drinking plenty of water, having enough sleep, face masks and eating a lot of good food!

2. Challenge the media.

As the main culprit of spreading negative body image, it is important to remember the photoshop and altering that goes into Instagram pictures, magazine models and images on the internet. Never do yourself the injustice of comparing yourself to unrealistic, changed ideals. Instead, expose yourself to realistic and positive body images on social media. Watch how your negative thoughts gradually transform as your opinions about bodies will be challenged as you surround yourself with similar, real body types.

3. Set healthy boundaries

When trying to change your body or appearance, make sure it is always done safely and healthily. Do not let numbers define you and begin to fixate on them, if you go to gym make sure to always keep it fun and make yourself feel good and strong, rather than indulging in an unhealthy obsession and strict diets. Furthermore, do not let strangers on the internet dictate your thoughts on your own body. Unfollow any accounts that encourage plastic surgery and your insecurities.

Developing and maintaining a positive body image takes as much inner, mental work as it does physical, and is arguably more significant. In today’s world, where media controls and influences every part of our daily lives, body image becomes a very common problem amongst all age groups. This includes everything from weight and size to hair and facial features. Remember that your natural body looks exactly the way it is supposed to look. Never let your thoughts or opinions of others hold you back from living your own life!

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