Interview with Chair of Scrutiny candidate Rachel Hart

Joe Molander talks to Rachel Hart about her plans with the role

Joe Molander
30th October 2020
Image: Newcastle University Students' Union
In the final interview with candidates for Chair of Scrutiny, Rachel Hart makes her case. She discusses the unprecedented times through which we're living, and what she hopes to change.

Why do you feel compelled to run for Chair of Scrutiny?

Having been an undergraduate and postgraduate research student at Newcastle University, up until last year I wasn't really aware of the duties of NUSU and the individual responsibilities of the sabbs [Sabbatical Officers] and Liberation Officers. I feel that this is the case for a lot of students at Newcastle. As Chair of Scrutiny, I can help to ensure that the sabbs and Liberation Officers are completing their roles fully, and are working to represent all students appropriately.

What do you want to change, if anything?

I hope to make processes within NUSU more transparent, especially the complaints procedures which offer little clarity of the process. I also agree with Alexander Wang-Evans: voting records of officers should be available to ensure they can be held accountable.

How will you implement this?

In order to enact meaningful change there needs to be open communication between NUSU and the University. The notion of “falling in line” with the University, I feel, is not appropriate for a Students' Union [SU]. As Chair of Scrutiny I will push officers to develop policies that are exemplary and ensure the University hears the views of students. I would like to run a campaign within Newcastle University Students' Union [NUSU] to help students learn the responsibilities of the SU, and how students can ensure their voices are heard.

Would you like to say anything to your opponents, Alexander Wang-Evans, Seat Von Scrutiny and Haaris Aytishaam Mahmood Qureshi?

Going forwards, if I am elected, I would love to work with Haaris, Seat, and Alexander. I think they all have some great policies that would be useful to implement. As Chair, listening to others is an essential part of the job.

Any other comments?

To use the word of the moment, we are studying through "unprecedented" times. There are more issues than ever that NUSU must deal with. Communication and transparency are key to ensuring that all students, regardless of their needs, are being heard. Irrespective of personal opinions, all elected members of NUSU should be working together, and holding the University to account over this academic year.

The interview with Seat Von Scrutiny can be read here, while the interview with Alexander Wang-Evans can be read here. Haaris Aytishaam Mahmood Qureshi's interview is available here.

Voting is now open, and closes at 2pm today.

Featured Image: Newcastle University Students' Union

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