Introduction to Intramural

If you haven’t heard of Intra Mural sport, where have you been? Sports Editor Calum Wilson explains why you and your mates should sign up to the best sporty banter on campus.

19th October 2015

Intra Mural is sport organised and competed between the lovely students of Newcastle University. Teams are generally made up of different social groups, often degree course friends, flatmates or simply your drinking buddies. Like a typical Tiger Wednesday these groups lock horns, but rather than fighting to be first to the bar they are fighting to be top of the league.

Absolutely anybody can play Intra Mural sport, each week there are over 200 fixtures and 2500 students taking part in 12 different sports. The Intra Mural set up is perfect for those who enjoy a friendly yet competitive style of play and is a great way to make friends and become the BNOC you’ve always wanted to be.

What sports are on offer?

Whether you’re a football nut, rugby buff or a squash specialist, there’s a good chance we can find an Intra Mural sport to suit you. If you fancy yourself as the next Lionel Messi, but the first team selectors clearly don’t recognise talent when they see it, then pull together 10 other teammates to watch you weave your magic in 11 a side football. If your fitness isn’t quite up to scratch then you can always try the shorter form; 7’s, 5’s, ladies 5’s or futsal. Other indoor sports include netball, 3v3 basketball, squash and 6 a side cricket. There’s a hotly fought rugby union league that compete every Saturday, or the slightly softer version, touch rugby, is played on a Friday night.

What’s with all the funny names?

Everybody’s favourite part of Intra Mural season is sifting through the fantastically unique and often very witty team names. Axe Wielding Baboons beating Panthers FC is not the title of David Attenborough’s next wildlife documentary, rather a potential reality from this year’s Saturday league for 11 a side football. Where else would you be able to witness Charlie’s Angels doing battle with Tooth fairies? And let’s face it, we’d all like to see Jesmond Tutu downing Rodallega bombs.

How do I get involved?

Registration is now open for this year’s Intra Mural season. Absolutely anybody can get themselves involved with Intra Mural sport. If you know someone who already has a team registered then simply ask them if you can join in and play.

Whilst there are many sports available, it should be noted that Intra Mural is a very popular pastime for students and league spaces are operated with a first come first serve policy, so don’t wait around to get your team together.

To register a team or for more information on Intra Mural sport at Newcastle University contact Denis Murphy,

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