Minimalist vs. Maximalist Lifestyle

Should we be minimising or maximising our way of life?

Jenica Davis
24th May 2022
Image credit: Pixabay, AdelinaZw
The motto “less is more'' sums up the minimalist approach towards life. Whilst it’s become a sort of umbrella term nowadays, minimalism is a concept characterised by order, simplicity, and harmony. It advocates the appreciation of the little things and the freeing process of cutting out things that don’t serve value or purpose in your life.
So, why should we consider removing our excess?

From an environmental perspective, perhaps minimalism is the way forward in this current climate. With culture shifts and ever-changing trends, materialism and overconsumption have become increasingly major polluters, stripping the Earth of its natural resources and collapsing its ecosystems. According to NAPO, 80% of the items people keep are never used, and we throw out over 2 billion tons of household waste globally per year, according to The World Bank. Therefore, reducing your everyday life down to the essentials is considerably key to going down a more sustainable path.

More and more people are opting for minimalist décor in their homes, but minimalism is about much more than neutral colours and blank walls. Image credit: Pexels, Maksim Goncharenok
Does a maximalist lifestyle lead to hoarding?

Not necessarily. Maximalism concerns itself with living life to the fullest and making the most of the space that you’re given. How are you meant to do all that from a backpack? Moreover, in a world full of socio-economic inequalities, it’s a privilege to be able to choose a “less is more” lifestyle when there are those who already have less than most people.

However, it can be argued that minimalism is not about reducing your life to neutral walls and mindful décor, but it’s a mindset. The way we live contributes to our mental health and wellbeing. Outside of living spaces, there’s an emotional depth to the concept of removing things in your life that don’t add happiness; it’s about focusing on what matters most. Subsequently, this will bring serenity and calmness into your life: an emotional liberation.

In this day and age, I believe it’s okay to be a blend of both a minimalist and maximalist. But applying the minimalist philosophy to more aspects of your life undoubtedly has its surplus of benefits – for you and your future. Embrace the art of simplicity.

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