Newcastle University Boat Club - BUCS Regatta 2022

Take a dive into the bank holiday weekend's rowing competitiom

Phoebe Cave
17th May 2022
Take a dive into the bank holiday weekend's rowing competitiom
Over the May Bank Holiday Weekend (30th April-2nd May), Team Newcastle sent down 63 athletes from our Boat Club to compete at BUCS Regatta at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham.

The regatta saw each crew completing a time trial of 1500m that would determine whether they went straight into either finals C-F (2000m), or compete in a Rep/SemiFinal to determine if they made it into the A Final, and be able to contend for medals.

Due to the disruptions of previous years, this year there were only 5 athletes who had competed at this regatta in its full timetable. As a result the club saw this as a large learning curve for the rest of the season. However, this proved that there is a huge amount of potential up and coming within the club.

Nevertheless, notable results include the Men's Championship Four from 2021 retaining their title (Stan Cannons, Harry Fraser-Urquhart, Anto Buchanan and Ali Davies), the Women's Inter Eight improving on their result last year by coming away with a Bronze medal, our Men's Pair also getting bronze, Women's Champ Quad Silver, Women's Inter Quad Bronze, and Women's Coxed Four taking Silver.

We are incredibly proud of the sportsmanship and camaraderie shown by each and everyone of our athletes. From the top champ boats to our boats in lower finals, we stuck around for every final and knew that each and everyone of us had each other’s backs. The club is renowned for being the loudest cheerers on the lake, and this was proven as everyone hung around until 8pm on Sunday Evening to cheer on the Third Eight in their C Final.

University is such an influential time in our lives, and to be surrounded by such hardworking people is an honour. It makes us proud to be part of this club.

[Key: W = women, M = Men, Lwt = Lightweight, Int = Intermediate, Ch = Championship, Number = number of rowers in the boat, + = with a cox, - = without a cox, Beg = Novice/Beginner]

Day One
WLwt2x 4th B Final
MChLwt4- 🥇 and 4th
WInt4x A🥉
WInt4x B 4th B Final
WInt4x C 6th C Final
WCh4x 🥈
MInt8+ 2nd and 4th B Final
MCh8+ 6th
WBeg1x 2nd B Final
WInt2- 2nd C Final
MInt1x 6th C Final and 6th D Final

Image credit: NUSU

Day Two
MCh4- 5th
MCh4- (lightweights) just missed out in a phenomenal race
MInt4+ 3rd (B Final)
MCh4+ 5th
WInt8+ 3rd 🥉
WCh8+ 5th
MInt2x 2nd (C Final)
MInt4+ 2nd (E Final)
WInt8+ 3rd (C Final)

Image credit: NUSU

Day Three
WIntLwt2- -> 5th
MIntLwt2- -> 3rd 🥉 and 5th
WInt4+ B -> 2nd (B Final)
WInt4+ A -> 2nd 🥈
MInt2- A/B -> 2nd/5th (B Final)
MCh2- -> 4th
MInt4x -> 1st (C Final)
WInt4+ C -> 2nd (F Final)
WInt2x A -> 6th (A Final)
WInt2x B -> 6th (C Final)
WInt2x C -> 2nd (F Final)

Image credit: NUSU

Next up for NUBC is a quick turnaround to Boat Race of the North this Saturday (7th May), where we will be looking to retain our long standing victory over Durham. Howay the Blue Star.

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