Photo Essay: My Hong Kong Home

Molly Taylor takes our photo essay slot this week with a series of beautiful photos exploring the city she grew up in, Hong Kong.

Molly Taylor
7th March 2021
Credit: Molly Taylor

For many people, lockdown has caused us to reflect on what our lives were like before the pandemic. While this can sometimes be detrimental towards our mental health, I think it can sometimes be useful in thinking about the things that we are looking forward to when lockdown is lifted, and what we will fully appreciate when this is all over.

For me, I think one of the main things I have reflected on is the idea of home, and what that means to me. While Newcastle is now my new home for university, Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart as the city I grew up in. Whilst it is not always healthy to dwell on the past, I have really enjoyed going through and compiling a set of film photographs that I took when I lived there, to remind me of those happy times and get me excited about revisiting my home at some point in the future.

Fish for sale on ‘Goldfish street’ in the Kowloon region. Most of the bags say HK$28, which is equivalent to approximately £2.60 | Credit: Molly Taylor
Typical Hong Kong architecture in the city | Credit: Molly Taylor
A man lounging at the seaside in a hammock, listening to his radio | Credit: Molly Taylor
The beautiful beaches and countryside that cover three quarters of Hong Kong often get overlooked by tourists, who generally believe that Hong Kong consists mainly of city | Credit: Molly Taylor
Classic Hong Kong post-boxes | Credit: Molly Taylor
The Star Ferry shuttles passengers from the mainland of Hong Kong to the island for merely 30p a ride | Credit: Molly Taylor
Bird cages in the Choi Hung neighbourhood of Hong Kong. Traditionally, birds have been a popular part of Chinese culture since the Qing Dynasty. Even today, in certain areas of Hong Kong you can still find people taking their birds out for walks in their cages | Credit: Molly Taylor
One of the many temples in Hong Kong. During Chinese New Year, Lion and Dragon dances take place in the space outside | Credit: Molly Taylor
A man sells his catch of the day on the sea front of Sai Kung fishing village. People stand on the pier above and request fish. He then places the fish in a basket at the end of a pole and passes it up to the customer. | Credit: Molly Taylor
Tangerines for sale in the market | Credit: Molly Taylor
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