Photo Essay: Lockdown in the North East

Lewis Webster takes the first in our photo essay series, with a piece about reconnecting with beautiful areas of the North East.

Lewis Webster
18th November 2020

The March 2020 lockdown was devastating for the North East. A once bustling Newcastle quickly turned into a ghost town as we all prepared to spend the foreseeable future inside of our homes. During this time, it became increasingly difficult: constantly staring at the same four walls and being unable to enjoy the outdoors was beginning to take its toll. So, when the restrictions began to ease, I began to reconnect with the outside world that I had taken for granted.

The iconic coastal town, Tynemouth was a must-visit location during the lockdown. Longsands pictured here is the perfect place for some well needed headspace.
Located in the Frankham Woods near Hexham, this abandoned quarry boasts bright blue waters. It is also home to an abundance of flora and fauna.
St Mary's Island, Whitley Bay pictured at sunset. An ideal spot for reflection and thought.
The iconic Gateshead Millennium Bridge pictured in the evening. The bridge and the surrounding Quayside is a great area for a walk.
The rockpools of Tynemouth's Longsands beach are a great place to chill in a low tide. The surrounding sea can be quite calming.
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AUTHOR: Lewis Webster
I'm a 21 year-old second year student currently studying English Literature with Creative Writing. Particularly interested in gaming, TV, music and film.

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