Pizza Punks review: Anarchy in the oven

The Food & Drink sub-editors went to Pizza Punks to check out the scene and tell you readers if it's worth your visit.

Anna Nix
9th November 2023
Image source: Roseanna Leconte
Pizza Punks, a pizzeria on Grey Street, is offering 25% discount for students on all of their items - that includes alcoholic drinks for all the party-goers that want to save some money.

When you walk in you are automatically hit with dim lights and bright neon signs, which creates a fun youthful atmosphere that resembles the all-favourite student clubs. The ceiling is covered with metal plates which adds to the punk-rock vibe that is further supported through the music repertoire.

The pizzeria is a very open space and feels incredibly friendly, as you can see your food cooking right in front of you. The oven is positioned to the side in the middle of the restaurant and if you are paying enough attention you can spot the cooks flipping the dough right in front of your eyes.

Image source: Roseanna Leconte

The menu is extensive and there is truly something for everyone, especially since you can create your own pizza for £12.95 and have unlimited toppings. And the creative choices don't just stop with toppings, as you can also choose your sauce - either opt for the classic red sauce with tomatoes, or choose from more original options, either a white sauce - Crème Fraîche and double cream - or a BBQ sauce - BBQ and San Marzano tomato.

The pizzeria is a very open space and feels incredibly friendly, as you can see your food cooking right in front of you.

If, however, you are not feeling overly creative, you can always stick with the classics - like Margherita pizza for £9, Pepperoni for £12 or the Hawaiian for £12 amongst others. Our sub-editors both created their own pizzas and were happy with how their pizzas turned out - one with mushrooms and anchovies and the other goat cheese, red onions and sweet corn.

Image source: Anna Nix

The menu does not stop with pizzas alone, as you can also order a starter - either a garlic bread, mac n' cheese or some chicken wings - or if after your pizza you are craving something sweet, you can even get some dessert. They offer some chocolate, vanilla and caramel Biscoff variations of sweet choices.

And with the student discount, you can get your dinner for much cheaper. It is 25% off and applies to all the items on the menu, whether you order a regular pizza or decide to make your own. However, the discount does not work on Fridays or Saturday so keep that in mind when you are planning your next visit!

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