Why is Movember so important?

Movember is more than a chance to show off that impressive moustache...

Cara Clare
9th November 2023
image credit: pixabay @RyanMcGuire

TW: mentions of Cancer and Suicide.

It’s hard not to notice when Movember comes around. Whether you can grow a full handlebar or just a bit of peach fuzz, here’s why you should get involved in raising money and awareness for men’s health this year.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK, 1 in 8 men will develop it at some point in their lives and it's likely we all know someone who has experienced it. But when caught early it is entirely treatable, this is partly thanks to money raised by causes like Movember. Prostate Cancer UK is one of the Movember campaigns leading beneficiaries, and thousands of pounds every November is raised to help fund research and treatment.

Stigma and shame are the reasons many men suffer in silence with their physical and mental health

However, the crisis in men’s health goes further than physical illness. Three times as many men as women die by suicide. The male mental health crisis is something everyone is becoming aware of, but how do we stop it? Stigma and shame are the reasons many men suffer in silence with their physical and mental health. An open conversation about mental wellbeing is not one that is present in a lot of male circles, particularly in the older generations. Movember supports hundreds of male mental health charities globally, aiming to give men support that they often struggle to reach out for. 

Growing out your stubble this year is a good way to start conversations, let people know that you’re willing to talk and to listen, and if you can raise some money for a good cause alongside, why not?

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