Review: Bongo's Bingo

Carys Rose Thomas tells us about her eventful evening at Bongo's Bingo.

Carys Rose Thomas
24th November 2017

As I queued for the sold-out sensation that was Bongo’s Bingo at The Boiler Shop, I had no clue what was in store for me and my pals.

In all honesty, the only knowledge I had of the game was from hazy disorganised games we were forced to play in primary school to occupy our minds during ‘wet playtime’. It was relatively easy to get the hang of, and after the first game of confusion and missed numbers we’d all pretty much got the gist of it. That was one of the fantastic things about the night; the game itself is so simple and one you’d think you would get bored of, but Bongo’s transforms the game into one of dancing drag queens, everyone’s favourite songs and - of course - prizes, there is no way anyone could get bored at Bongo’s.  

I was even lucky enough to win a gigantic pink fluffy unicorn

The prizes vary from a Henry Hoover to a whopping £500 (or as they call it there - ‘night changing money’). I was even lucky enough to win a gigantic pink fluffy unicorn. Not completely the kind of thing I’d usually go for, but my housemates and I have lovingly called it Bongo and he makes a fantastic cuddling companion on a hungover day of Netflix and bed.  

With actually pretty reasonably priced drinks (they’re no trebs prices, but then again nothing else ever is), hilarious performers and a healthy dose of audience participation, you could ask for nothing better from the event. Definitely the most lively and funny pres I’ve ever had. 

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