Review: Slash @ The Stand

Jagoda Waszkowiak shares her thoughts on Matt Richardson's show slash.

Jagoda Waszkowiak
25th October 2017

Matt Richardson is one of those performers who went to university and quickly got bored with it (relatable, I know).

He started going to Open Mic events which started his comedic career. Richardson is best known as a co-presenter on the ITV2 spin-off show 'The Xtra Factor' and he gave a phenomenal appearance last year in Comedy Central's ongoing series "Drunk History".

It was one of the most confusing events of Richardson’s life

Richardson beat Ed Sheeran for heat Magazine’s ‘Weird Crush 2014’ title. It was one of the most confusing events of Richardson’s life and it became even bizarrer when he realised that people were writing fanfictions on the Internet about him and Harry Styles. This whole experience has developed to become a base for Richardson’s current stand-up tour 'Slash'.

The name is a direct reference to “slash fiction”, which is a genre of fan fiction that focuses on interpersonal attraction and sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex. There is undeniable bravery in his willingness to read and examine  sexual fantasies about himself aloud to an audience. Richardson's performance contained bits interspersed with readings of fan fiction about himself, a combination which is of course hilarious.

I even heard the guys behind me remark "he’s so on point, funny and true”

The thing that surprised me the most was Richardson’s excellent contact with the audience. He very often spontaneously engaged first-row audience members into his bits. Through that, he showed an ability to connect with his audience - to their delight. I even heard the guys behind me remark "he’s so on point, funny and true”.

As well as being about his fictitious relationship with Harry Styles, Richardson's show was also about his  relationships with women. He praises his mom and grandmother for amazing punchlines, unashamedly bashes his ex and intimately describes the current relationship with his girlfriend. His show is original, shocking and relatable whilst also being incredibly, crushingly funny.

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