Review: Superfood's "Bambino"

Superfood are back with their album Bambino and Alex Joyce is impressed...

Alex Joyce
17th October 2017
Superfood - Bambino

It is evident that Superfood’s Bambino album is a statement about the Birmingham band’s resurgence. Perhaps, translating ‘Bambino’ to little boy, the whole idea that this 13 track album is heavily playful and even more nonsensical than the former.

The indie-pop group have incorporated new genres in their samples such as R&B and the hip-hop tendencies of the current LA music scene. With every track on this album it’s hard to classify an exact genre. In Superfood’s debut album Don’t Say That their soundscape could easily be categorised as indie/alternative with a common theme of Britpop running throughout. However, this album keeps us on our toes.

The reverberating presence of chilled funk is utterly mesmerising.

The listener is initially spoilt with the infectious bombast from the opening number ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ which adopts some luscious, funky-bass riffs. After so, Ryan Malcom and Dom Ganderton navigate the listener to ‘Need A Little Spider’ which is an interesting fragmented twist on your typical indie tune - definitely check this number out. ‘I Can’t See’, ‘Natural Supersoul’ and ‘Raindance’ are most telling of Ryan Malcom’s inspiration from Pharrell Williams, as the reverberating presence of chilled funk is utterly mesmerizing.

The experimentation of electronic sampling comes through in the concluding track ‘Double Dutch’ which has a groovy retro overtone and is a reminder of old school hip-hop backbeats. Although, not the strongest track of the album, it shows a provocative disposition to Superfood’s music capabilities which is a promising taster of what’s to come.

Overall, the modification of their soundscape has enabled them to show versatility and demonstrate their developed musical ingenuity (their new label Dirty Hit no doubt playing a part). Nonetheless, Superfood maintain infectious racy pop songs like ‘Unstoppable’ which upkeep their tradition of psychedelic hooks and themes of youthful escapism. One of the best revival albums of 2017.

Review: 4/5

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