Review: Worst Roommate Ever - A Blumhouse's flop

Your flatmates are angels compared to these horrific roommates.

Erika Armanino
10th March 2022
Credit: YouTube, Netflix's trailer for Worst Roommate Ever
As a big fan of crime docuseries I was thrilled to see a new entry in the Netflix catalog. The description hooked me and I decided to watch it. I was not impressed.

The miniseries Worst Roommate Ever (2022) narrates four different stories of roommates that turned out to be murderers or fraudsters. Every episode tells a different story and it’s narrated through the voices of the people directly involved in the cases. 

Credit: YouTube, Netflix's trailer for Worst Roommate Ever

What makes this series interesting is the production company: Blumhouse Productions. Blumhouse Productions is known for famous horror movies such as Paranormal Activity (2009), Get Out (2017), The Purge (2013), Split (2017) and The Invisible Man (2020). This is why my expectations were big. 

I’d start with saying that the first episode is the only one worth watching. The script and the story is absolutely terrifying and it hooks you to the screen. I’ll be honest, it gave me the creeps and that is exactly the feeling you want to get from a crime docuseries. The footage used is very graphic as it shows human flesh and bones which is not for those easily queasy. So, the first episode met the expectations built but it only made the disappointment for the following episodes worse. 

I'd start with saying that the first episode is the only one worth watching.

Some of the interviewees give the impression of being theatrical and some of their statements seem out of topic, which made some parts chaotic. The structure of the episodes is not gripping and it does not keep you glued to the screen. The first episode is that good that it overshadows the rest of the series, that remains mediocre.

What I liked about this series was the use of animation to recreate scenes, instead of using actors: it is original and authentic. Throughout every episode there is quick and scary footage that last less than a second to help create a horror and creepy atmosphere that is coherent with the style of the production house. 

Worst Roommate Ever could have been a masterpiece if only the quality of the first episode would have been maintained throughout the whole series. It is an average series that won’t blow you away but it can be worth a watch.

Credit: YouTube, Netflix
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