Spotify Wrapped 2023

The much anticipated Spotify Wrapped is finally here

Madeha Ali
2nd December 2023
Image credit: Pixabay @stocksnap
In true Christmas spirit, Spotify has once again gifted its users with the much anticipated and widely loved Spotify Wrapped. This digital rite of passage has quickly become a yearly tradition worldwide, offering a personalised soundtrack that revisits the highs and lows of the past year. Not only that, the app uses data to calculate exactly how much listening you have done throughout the year and who your favourite artists have been. For us students, this can be a shocking realisation of precisely how many minutes we have spent listening to music that has fuelled study sessions and late night cramming. 

This year marks the nine year anniversary of Spotify wrapped and with great experience and increasing popularity comes new updates. In previous years, Spotify Wrapped could only be accessed on mobile phones, however, this year it can also be viewed on desktop. Furthermore, music lovers can take Spotify Wrapped one step further this year as they can now identify the specific month they listened to their favourite artists the most. Whilst maintaining the same visual charisma, the revised tweaks have certainly been interesting to unveil. 

Whilst maintaining the same visual charisma, the revised tweaks have certainly been interesting to unveil

Personally, my favourite aspect of Spotify Wrapped has to be the celebration it brings to the world of music. The statistics serve as a fun reminder of musical diversity that is shared worldwide. While one person’s favourite tracks might be indie hits, another person’s could be hip-hop. For me, it’s really enjoyable to share and hear about unique preferences and appreciation for music.

So, as we approach the end of the year, Spotify Wrapped gives music lovers worldwide another opportunity to reflect on their evolving music taste throughout the year and share their listening habits with family and friends. Not only that, it fuels discussion on what will be the defining hits in the coming year. According to Spotify, some of the best artists of this year have included the likes of Taylor Swift, Drake and Lana Del Rey. But who will be the defining artists of 2024? 

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