Staycation or vacation: who is the real winner?

Holidays don't always have to be abroad - find out how the perks of staycation!

Memoona Afzal
20th February 2023
Image credit: Unsplash

Fancying a fresh break from mundanity of regular life? Not sure how to do it? Thinking of a vacation but saving account is too low for it? Why not try a staycation!

Everyone dreams of a luxurious vacation at some idyllic beach or to have a picture in front of Instagram suggested hallmark places. But a vacation is not only about posing for perfect pictures, enjoying long walks in one day and getting back home as fresh as a daisy. On the other side of vacation are big budgets, a lot of planning and waiting for flights, and sometimes weather differences and language barriers too. Whereas, staycation is a comparatively cheaper and easy-to-go and 'get it done' idea. It saves you from hassle of pet care as your love-bundle can join you if you are not going far from your home. You can feel amused to roam in those cities and towns that are not projected and presented in limelight media. A romantic country side (and there are many in the UK!) with its sweeping views can be as peaceful as a 2000 km away forest in another continent. Local museums, art galleries and even community centers can break the ice of your routine life and can cultivate cultural and scholastic sense of learning.

Staycation can be as fun filled as you want and can be less frenzied in comparison of a vacation. But both have their bright sunny sides. It is up to you where do you like to sun bathe!

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