Students launch cookbook app on Google Play

There will be a technical demonstration taking place next week with an IBM employee in attendance.

3rd May 2016

Second year Computer Science students celebrated the launch of a cookbook app that has been made available to download from Google Play.

The trade fair took place on 26 April 2016 in the Lindisfarne room at King’s Gate, Newcastle University. Students were given the opportunity to showcase the app that they had designed and produced over the course of several months to a panel of expert guests.

There were twenty-one teams in total, each typically consisting of nine members. The students were assessed on their ability to pitch their app, as well as on the content. They were also assessed on their explanation of how the app operates, incorporating coding and user interface.

The Student Cookbook is an app that contains step-by-step cooking instructions as well as an array of recipes to choose from, including a free-from range and vegetarian options.

It was produced by Josh Barney, Steven Gilbert, Mike Davies, Craig Hemingway, Tom Hart, Norbert Wojciak, Phillip Wittich, Alex Kai Vin, and Erol Asan.

According to Josh Barney, “We were given the task of producing a mobile app that fulfilled one of three different aims.

“The first was to make an app for Tanfield railway, the second was to make an app for student well being, and the third was to make an app that taught the user something. We decided to focus on teaching students to cook. The trade fair was an overall success - one member of our team was awarded a summer job.”

Steven Gilbert said, “As undergraduate students with next to no experience in app development, one of the main barriers we had to overcome was working out how to realise our plans using Android Studio.”

Another cooking related app that made it onto Google Play is Dyne, which is specifically targeted for students in Newcastle. The app currently contains thirty-five recipes to choose from and users are able to save them without an internet connection.

A technical demonstration is scheduled for next week, which will be marked by an employee of International Business Machines (IBM).

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