Sweet Column : Performance Poetry

Charlotte Boulton kindly invites us into her world of performance poetry.

Charlotte Boulton
20th November 2017

Ah, poetry. It’s not just all about stanzas, similes and Shakespearean sonnets (they are pretty cool though). Performance poetry is becoming bigger and better, so what’s all the fuss about?

Poems are just better heard aloud, how the author imagined them – so it makes sense that lots of people enjoy hearing performance poetry (often called spoken word poetry too). For me, poetry is deeply personal and allows me to dare to talk about topics I’d normally be too afraid to articulate. There’s something really therapeutic about writing a poem about something emotional, or something life-changing that happened to you.

And that therapy is just enhanced when performing to others, perhaps saying these things out loud for the first time publicly. Performance poetry doesn’t have to be serious; some of the best I’ve seen have been comical or satirical! Anyone can write a poem, you just need some inspiration…

Write for yourself! Perform for yourself!

Poetry can inspire, educate, and entertain – more than you may realise. I love it in all its forms, but especially this performed kind.

Watching talented spoken word poets is an absolute joy, and I really recommend checking out the local poetry open mic nights and events around town. Watch some Button Poetry online (mindblowing performances that will make you feel something), head to Bar Loco or Ernest for their open mic nights, or set up your own events!

Even if you’re too shy to share your work, write for yourself! Perform for yourself, choosing how you want your thoughts and creations to be heard. And when you dare, please do share. I, for one, would love to hear it.

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