Thirst Dates

To take your mind off your perpetual singledom, Emily North has put together a First Dates Drinking games to make you feel better about yourself

22nd February 2016

The Rules, in no particular order are as follows:

Starting with the rules relating to Fred

1.Take drink every time Fred (the Maître d’) imparts a pearl of wisdom

2.Take a drink if Fred comments on someone’s outfit.

3.Take a drink if Fred tells a couple not to be ‘naughty’

4.Take a drink whenever Fred twinkles his eyes at the camera or does something cheeky


And the rest:

1.Take a shot if on the first meeting one of them goes for the double cheek kiss and their date was only expecting one **Bonus Points for awkward handshake//hug

2.Take a shot whenever a background character pulls a face

3.Take a shot whenever someone makes a phone call from the loo - take another if they hate their date.

4.Take a shot when someone reveals a weird hobby or interest

5.Take a shot for a cheesy chat up line **Bonus Points if their date doesn’t get it

6.Take a shot when an old person (or for the hard core if they are only middle aged) makes a surprisingly raunchy remark.

7.Take a shot when someone brutally cuts down their date at the post date interview **Bonus Points if they don’t look at them

8.Take a drink when the voice over man makes an innuendo

9.Down your drink if they kiss

10.Down the bottle if one leans in and the other dodges it

11.Take a shot every time someone mentions their ex

12.Take a shot whenever Merlin the bartender appears on screen in honour of his noble profession

13.Take a shot when a girl can’t walk in her heels

14.Take a shot if they can’t remember their date’s name

15.Down your drink if you thought it was going well and then in the post date interview they say that they hated every minute of it

16.Take a drink every time the waiter makes a terrible joke

17.Down your drink if someone outright insults their date

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