Toothfairies too sharp for Angles

Sproston gives us an insight into the intra-mural netball this week.

James Sproston
14th December 2015
Charlie's Angles received a 90 degree burn | Image: James Sproston

Charlie’s Angles missed a chance to take the top spot from Toothfairies as they were well and truly turned over in Tuesday’s top of the table clash.

First-placed Toothfairies were the favourites going into the match, having won the last six on the bounce. Their two point advantage over Wednesday’s opposition was due to their ability to win tight games, namely against History and CHS Netball.

Conversely, Charlie’s Angles had only won four of their last six games. But perhaps most importantly, had beaten Toothfairies 16-11 in their second match of the season, so they came into the match with hopes of repeating this feat and cause an upset.

Toothfairies, donning the light blue bibs, got the game underway and in under a minute Goal Attack Emma Foord had opened the scoring. She then doubled the lead on the rebound after both Goal Shooter Jasmine Roberts and Goal Attack Jade Holden couldn’t score for Charlie’s Angles, and Fairies’ Goal Shooter Alex Seymour could only manage to hit the ring.

Possession was then turned over by both teams, but Toothfairies were able to capitalise on their chance, as all great teams do, as Seymour set up Foord for her third of the match.

From the restart, Angles’ Centre Rebecca Natali worked the ball well to set up her teammates but nothing came of it. On the counter Foord was again on hand to punish the opposition for their sloppy finishing, and then was teed up by Wing Attack Nicola Parten to score another.

It’d probably be easier to count how many goals Foord didn’t score

Defensively Toothfairies were also impressive. After Angles’ Jade Holden turned over possession, Goal Keeper Sophie Murray made a fine interception that led to an effort from Seymour, the rebound from which was converted by clinical Emma Foord.

This sparked a flurry of goals from the Fairies. Parten cut open the mathematicians’ defence three times, the first finding Seymour who sent the ball on to Foord to score. After being found by Wing Defence Jenna Kistle the second was finished by Foord via Seymour, and the third directly found goal-scorer Seymour, for the first Fairies’ goal not scored by Foord.

Once Angles’ Goal Keeper Stephanie Keenlyside made an important interception, Natali orchestrated a fine goal that was finally scored by Roberts. The mathematicians kept up the pressure, but despite efforts from Seymour and Foord, were unable to cut the deficit.

Having intercepted an over-head pass, Fairies’ Goal Defence Isabelle Haley set up Foord to score. Minutes later she once again punished the Angles on the break, and soon after was set up by Centre Hattie Stringer to score again. Foord had the final say of the half as well, as a well-threaded pass found her in the ideal position to put the dentists 13-1 up into the break.

In a desperate hope to make the score more respectable, the Angles switched their positions around. Natali moved to Goal Defence, Roberts moved to Centre and Esther Price moved to Goal Shooter. There were a few changes for the dentists at half-time too, with in-form goal attack Emma Foord moving to Goal Shooter.

Although Foord scored the first goal of the second half, Holden finished for the Angles after a precise pass from Price. Unfortunately Foord scored six consecutive goals for the dentists, three of which were assisted by the impressive Parten.

Surprisingly the mathematicians rallied, with Holden scoring three more. But the optimism was soon crushed by the Fairies, as the dentists impressively stretched the lead even further to 24-5 by the end of the match.

Toothfairies thoroughly deserved their victory today. It was no small part down to Emma Foord, who scored so many that I’m not willing to count all of the goals. It’d probably be easier to count how many goals she didn’t score.

Ultimately Charlie’s Angles suffered due to their lack of first team members. Their usual Centre and Goal Shooter were absent, meaning both control of possession and clinical finishing were left to be desired. They were so few in number that the dentists had to lend a player to slot in at goal defence.

Though the Angles may have missed out on the opportunity to overtake the Fairies, they’ll still be pleased with their season so far. Whereas the dentists will be wholeheartedly happy with their performance and their lead in the league should now be unassailable.

The Angles take on Combined Honours next week in a hope to retake second place.

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