Why you should vote for... the Green Party

Owen Lukins discusses the potential benefits of choosing to vote for the Green Party this December.

Owen Lukins
20th November 2019
Image: Wikimedia Commons
With both Newcastle and my home town being historic Labour strongholds set to win in their constituencies, the chances of Tory success are thankfully low.

With tactical voting dominating so many people’s election day choices, having a Labour safety net is definitely a privilege, allowing us young leftists to vote for who we actually want to win, and for me that’s the Green Party.

The Greens have tapped into what young people want, and deserve our support

To put it simply, I’ve not known of a Green Party manifesto point or promise that I disagree with, and in this political climate that’s rare. From EU membership and the climate crisis to scrapping tuition fees and reforming drug policy, the Greens really have tapped into what so many young people want, and they deserve our support.

So why vote Green when you know they won’t win? To give them a chance in the future.

Tactical voting is one of the only things standing in the Greens' way

Before winning their first seat, no one knew who the Greens were or what they stood for. Now, they’re the idealist party of millions, with strategic voting being one of the only things standing in their way. So I’m voting Green to make them a viable option for Newcastle, because I know they can do great things: they just need a chance, and I hope you join me in giving them it.

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