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Angel Juarez, otherwise known as @Thelakwatsero, is not your typical traveller. With 95K followers, Juarez is also an environmental advocate, a mountain biker and a seasonal mountaineer.

Juarez’s attention to colour and framing encapsulates the classic and timeless beauty of the Philippines. Most of his scenic shots feature himself and the natives, almost building intimacy as if we are travelling with him. It makes one anticipate for wonderful surprises the country can harbour.

From time to time, Juarez posts photographs from different places around the world, adding versatility to his account. This truly reflects the loose translation of Filipino phrase ‘lakwatsero’, as Juarez is someone traveling aimlessly.

Juarez also has a travel blog – – packed with budgeting tips and useful itineraries for wanderers looking for inspiration!


Last modified: 19th November 2018

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