1920's Fashion

Katie explores 1920s fashion for us!

Katie Siddall
18th February 2022
Image: Instagram @1920saesthetic
What is all the fuss about 1920's flapper dressers and flat caps and lads in suits? What has called all this fuss? My answer Peaky Blinders!

There has been an obsession with 1920s fashion lately - when going out to parties they have been themed to coincide with what is shown on our TV screens - The Peaky Blinders. Since 2013, our screens have shown the Shelby family growing older and stronger as Tommy takes the lead. Those around him where three-piece suits and flat caps (granted they have been upgraded by placing razor blades within them) whilst the women wear stunning dresses that flow to their knees and were loosely fitted. These outfits have inspired many to throw these parties... as an excuse to wear these outfits potentially?

I own my own 1920s flapper dress (as seen in this article), I do also own a 1950s dress, both are gorgeous! These dresses are stunning to me and I feel as though they are not to everyone's taste - I wish they were though!

Another reason for these fashion outfits would be the fact that we are currently in the 21st century's very own 20s. I remember asking my parents for New Year 2020 whether I could hold a 1920s themed party as I wished that the 20s would return these fashion accessories and outfits! I needed the excuse to wear my flapper dress - I still do as I want to be able to go to nightclubs wearing this dress. Imagine...

Alongside the sequinned dresses, the accessories are amazing. The headbands, the hair styles that go with them - this article now sounds unprofessional as I list all the things I love but I cannot help it! The bob hair cut was in fashion and so was controlled wavy hair - observed by Helen McCroy's character Polly Gray.

The fashion before flapper dresses was more conservative. Dresses, specifically, went to ankles more often than not and were quite baggy - my best example of this would be to look at Jane Austen's film/TV adaptations; stereotypical Georgian fashion.

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