Four follow-worthy Instagram couples you should know about

Meilanie Darmawan writes about the must-follow couples who are sure to brighten your Instagram feed.

Meilanie Darmawan
14th January 2020
Image- Wikipedia
From the elegant and romantic Paris to the hustle and bustle of Seoul, these four couples never fail to impress their followers with their adorable and fashionable selfies together. Here are the four Instagram influencers who you need to follow!

@hyunah_aa & @hyojong_1994

After publicly announcing their relationship on August last year, these two love birds have been giving their fans a ton of Instagram-worthy pictures. Hyunah, especially, who has been an idol in the industry for more than a decade now, has truly found her eccentric style, as we can see from the outfits she chooses to wear. The couple is rumoured to release new songs (separately) on the 5th of November.


Nothing screams love more than Paris and this couple is the epitome of that. They even introduce themselves as ‘French couple from Paris’. Five years ago, the couple started their relationship in Los Angeles, USA. They then decided to launch a blog to share their Parisian fashion and lifestyle to the rest of the world (, 2019). Now, with more than 200, 000 followers on Instagram, their feed mostly captures their fashionable street-style but with a more indie-style of photography.

@soniaeryka & @mariakubit

If you’re familiar with Rich Brian, the worldwide artist from Indonesia, it’s time to get familiar with his fashionable sister who stole the spotlight way before him. Sonia started writing for her blog 2009, at the time, she was just another seventeen-year-old teenage girl in Indonesia who wanted to follow the trend. Fast forward to a decade later, with almost 200, 000 followers on Instagram, she would often post pictures of her and her long-term boyfriend travelling around the globe. Sonia hasn’t forgotten her roots, which is fashion, her Instagram feed shows off her eye-catching street fashion with a flare of her own.


Now, this is a special one. Started in 2016, this retired 60 years old Japanese couple started an Instagram account as a joke. They wanted to share their daily co-ordinated outdoor outfits. No fancy photography was needed for the couple, as they simply rely on their iPhone and tripod, but their pictures are all worth taking a second look at. The cuteness doesn’t end there, their Instagram username, bonpon511, is a combination of their childhood nickname and their anniversary date, the eleventh of May.

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