From Desk to Dancefloor

Isabelle Bettany takes your look from the library to the bar in just nine simple steps

Isabelle Bettany
20th March 2017
Instagram: @jooleeloren
  • If you’ve been bashing out that essay for a while, you’re probably a bit shiny and/or dry and therefore in dire need of some concealer top up. The best way to refresh the skin before applying more makeup is to use a hydrating Facial Spray, to renew some moisture to the skin whilst also giving it some slip to help blend in another layer of product.
  • Alternatively if you’ve got a bit more time, grab a makeup wipe and start your base from scratch.
  • Unfortunately you won’t have time to hop in a shower, so your deodorant of choice will be the hero product to refresh yourself a bit.
  • Equally as important is a quick spritz of Dry Shampoo. We have all been there, about to leave the door when you suddenly realize that your hair is actually a lot greasier than you had thought. Personally, I’d opt for a dry shampoo that offers a bit of volume and texture.
  • In terms of changing your outfit, changing your top is probably the easiest way to update your outfit and also means you don’t need to bring your entire wardrobe to the library with you. Choose something more evening appropriate to dress up the trainer jeans combo you’ve been wearing all day to transgress your outfit from day to night.
  • Jewellery is another quick save to dress up any outfit. It’s also fairly compact, so you can get away with bringing a diverse selection of statement accessories to choose from.
  • Another easy way to vamp up any look in an instant is with a Bold Lip, it instantly creates a statement whilst also being reasonably easy to achieve.
  • If like me you prefer to enhance eyes to lips, the easiest way to update your day look is with a smoky eye by using an Eye Crayon, simply apply and blend out with your fingers, quick and effective.
  • And lastly remember to pack a small side bag, as the last thing you want is to be carrying your large bag around with you. Make sure it can fit some of the essentials (cards, ID, money, phone etc) and put your other bag away in the cloakroom.
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