Glow in the snow: Winter skin care

Fashion Editor Poppy Couling teaches us how to build our own hydration station to ensure our skin remains glowing despite the wintery freeze...

Poppy Couling
15th November 2018

Unfortunately, alongside the perks of the bracing winter weather, such as pumpkin spiced lattes, Christmas window displays and ‘cute’ fingerless gloves (still don’t see the practicality or the appeal), comes the threat of dry and dehydrated skin. This requires us to come to terms with the fact our base make- up may no longer sit on our face as flawlessly as usual, and the lips may succumb to the frosty bite of the air and become chapped. However, fear not. There are some great affordable, and slightly on the more high end products that you can revive every winter to ensure your skin remains nourished.

The first thing to remember is that, despite the fact your skin may not feel as oily, exfoliating is still vital in order to keep the surface smooth and avoid any areas of extreme dryness. This is the tie to ditch stripping products like the St Ives scrub, and replace it with a gentler and more nourishing one such as Glow Tonic by Pixi that allows for a more hydrating experience.

Cleansing is still also very necessary, and it must be flagged that if there was ever a worst time to rely on any make- up wipe, it would be in this impending season ‘to be jolly.’ These said wipes, as convenient as they are, are as about hydrating as sandpaper, so please leave them to one side. In their place, try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil for a deeper, overnight treatment, or I would highly recommend Osika’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel that leaves the skin feeling so clean it almost tingles.

[pullquote]It goes without saying that the winter months provide an honourable platform for moisturisers far and wide[/pullquote], but don’t be fooled into thinking SPF still doesn’t matter, because those rays are still there and can still be very damaging. In light of this, a slightly richer moisturiser can come in very handy, with one of my favourites being Caudalie’s Radiance Moisturiser Broad Spectrum. Paired with this, it’s only human to not want to resemble a ghost post- Halloween, so treat yourself and apply some self tanning drops to your palm before applying any cream to give yourself a little radiance boost. For this, lean towards with Tax-Luxe’s Illuminating Tan Drops, or Clarins’ Tan Drops, neither of which smell particularly horrific, although note to self- remember to wash your hands after application otherwise you will wake with unfortunately orange- tinted hands.

As well as the skin, it’s important to also look up to our lovely locks as they also fall victim to the cold and can be left looking dry and lifeless. For this, I prescribe Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery, a product I like particularly for its targeting at fine hair (not ‘thin’ hair as so many people brand it as, it’s just FINE.) The other product that would be a wise investment would be the heavenly scented Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, part of the Aussie family of gorgeously rich and lavishly scented hair products that work for all hair types at all times. In fact, just buy the whole selection if in doubt. They’re fabulous.

Finally, try to routinely rub a little hand cream on from time to time, and even a drop of cuticle oil to keep the nail beds nourished. This is particularly vital if you are to dabble this party season in the horrifically drying and scratching glitter nail varnish that rears its head during this time.

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