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Ellie James brings us the most inspirational bloggers to help with breaking out the style rut, without breaking the bank...

Ellie James
25th February 2019

Running low on outfit ideas despite having a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? Are you wearing the same old ‘nice top and jeans’ for every meal out with the girls? Or how about throwing on a jumper and a denim skirt and feeling like there’s something missing that you just can’t put your finger on? Look no further, because Instagram fashion bloggers might be your key to learning how to look like you truly have your life together.

‘fashioninflux’ A.K.A Lydia Rose

If you love those speedy food tutorial videos that won’t take more than 60 seconds of your time, then you’ll love the fashion form of just that by no other than Lydia Rose who may be your dream fashion tutor. Her videos put together a few simple 2-3 item outfits, either using one piece of clothing styled for different occasions or showing you new ways to jazz up the item of clothing that lurks in the back of your wardrobe gathering dust. But if there’s one thing Lydia Rose taught me besides how to change up my style, it’s that there’s one holy grail accessory that perfects truly any outfit - a belt. Yes you heard me, that underappreciated item seems to be Lydia’s secret - and she’s sharing it with us! Almost all of Lydia’s outfits use a belt whether it’s a typical trouser look or even over a long scarf, showing how a  belt quite literally pulls any outfit together whilst making you feel like you scream, ‘I know exactly what I’m doing’ even if you’ve just failed your exam or missed 5 lectures. Lesson learnt: Add a belt.

laurennicolefk A.K.A Lauren-Nicole

Joining the ever growing number of fashionistas who are changing the fashion world and breaking previous boundaries comes curve model Lauren-Nicole. Her posts don’t just give some killer looks, the captions accompanying them are either inspirational, sassy or downright raw. Lauren-Nicole slays in all her outfits which are mostly nabbed from Very and Asos, throwing in cute accessories to each one such as a shiny clutch bag or pair of bright earrings. Links to her blog page bring about her own journey to loving your body no matter what clothes you put it in, believing it’s ‘more about how an item can make you view yourself.’ The best thing about Lauren-Nicole isn’t that she fills your feed with clothing you want to get your hands on or that she gives you tips on how to make the street your catwalk each day, it’s how she takes each outfit and shows everyone that being told ‘you can’t wear that’ or that depending on your size you ‘shouldn’t wear that’ is not something that is allowed to stop you from wearing whatever the hell you want. PREACH IT. Lesson learnt: Wear. What. You. Want.

ellenextdoor A.K.A Ellie

We’ve all wanted to look like we’ve spent a little too much yet well worth it amount of our student loan on an outfit before. But finding that balance between getting that wow effect and not breaking the bank is as hard as finding a decent bargain in a clothes sale. Not to worry, ‘The Elle Next Door’ blogger Ellie has you covered, incorporating clothes and accessories from our high-street saviour Primark into her outfits. If I’m feeling low on funds and in need of some retail therapy I have a look for some style inspo by Ellie. Her posts not only offer cheap yet stylistic outfit ideas but also brighten my feed up greatly, their colourful contents in various beautiful locations popping on my screen as she travels the world trailing her amazing and affordable fashion sense behind her. What makes Ellie so special is her ability to show you how it doesn’t matter where you buy your clothes from to look and feel good - most of the items look identical to the more expensive brands and yet save you double the amount! Lesson learnt: You don’t have to break the bank to look badass.

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