Navii Media launch!

Here's what happened at the Navii Media launch party.

Zahra Hanif
23rd May 2023
Image credit: Zahra Hanif
As of last Friday, Navii Media's website has officially been launched, an innovative digital space promising marginalised communities a platform to share their stories. The concept was coined by founder and cultural curator Dami Fawehinmi, also known online as 'JournalsOfDami'. The website aims to showcase and platform a range of work from minorities, whether that be artwork, audio, visuals - Dami describes it as "for us by us". 

The launch of the website was marked by a launch party, held at The Old Coal Yard in Newcastle from 7 to 10pm. The evening saw speeches from Dami, various performers - musicians, dancers, and poets - and the showcasing of short films. The various acts were a wonderful, well-rounded snippet of the content we can expect to see up and running soon on 

Dami began the evening by introducing themselves, and Navii Media as a concept, from its origins as a plan on a sticky note to its fruition. At around 8pm, we all set off party poppers as the website went live, to many happy cheers. 

from its origins as a plan on a sticky note to its fruition

We then all sat and watched the short film 'dey Dream', a visual poem by director Kanea Indigo, celebrating black trans masculine joy. Instagram: @kanea.indigo

This was shortly followed by the singer Paige, who did an acoustic set, with both covers and original songs, providing the venue with soothing, chilled vibes. Instagram: @paige_does_life

After a short break, we were blessed with an exhilarating performance from dancer Iuliia Antonova. Instagram:

This was followed by a back to back of poetry performances, from Amy Langdown (Instagram: @amylangdown_), and Laura Kasongo (Instagram: @aperturepoetry), whose magical words lit up the room as the sun slowly set outside. 

Another short film was played, from @dubedesigned, before Fawehinmi ended the night by leading a breathing exercise to relax us all. Overall, the performances provided an array of both excitement and calming vibes, and were a great insight into what we can expect from the website in the months to come. To check out and/or pitch your own content, see:

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AUTHOR: Zahra Hanif
English literature student :)

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